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We invest over £1million into our JVM Castings Tamworth plant

Ken Parker, JVM Castings

Ken Parker, Operations Director at JVM Castings

28th April 2016

We have recently completed a major investment of over £1million into our Tamworth plant. This investment is part of our on-going growth plan and will see the machining side of the site double in size by 2020. Our investment in machinery will see the installation of 10 additional spindles as well as the planned purchase of a large 5 bed axis machine.

All our machinery investment is combined with an environmental and sustainable focus. The new equipment we have purchased will compress aluminium chippings that a waste by-product and re-melt them back into the die casting process. This will enable JVM Castings to reduce waste to 0% and minimise the impact we have on the environment. Additionally we have invested in 10 new staff across our engineering, management and machining departments and will be supporting 4 apprentices through our training scheme. This represents a 35% increase in staff at our Tamworth plant over the last year.

Ken Parker, Operations Director at JVM’s Tamworth site said “Our growth plans have been driven by market demands, both through new and existing business, as well as a stronger focus on meeting our company’s green agenda”. JVM have been expanding into new markets such as construction, as well as continuing their work within the automotive sector.

This has been a key driver in our growth with the need to offer full and partial assembly so we can continue to meet the needs of our clients. “Car manufacturers are increasingly sub-contracting more of these processes to firms like JVM” says Ken “Investment has enabled us to become a Super Supplier and we can now carry out much of the component build as well as the manufacture of aluminium parts.”

We are in a position to manage the whole die casting process, from design and manufacture to assembly and distribution – this 360 degree manufacturing is essential to our continued growth. JVM Castings will continue to invest into our people as well as our equipment as part of our on-going growth plan. For more information on our 360 degree manufacturing process please email or call us on +44 (0) 1827 64096.