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Our Golden Celebration of JVM’s 50-year Association with Jaguar Land Rover

As one of their longest-serving suppliers, we are proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our association with Jaguar Land Rover.

To mark the occasion, we have commissioned a unique golden memento featuring the iconic leaping Jaguar and presented it to Purchasing Director, Ian Harnett, at Jaguar Land Rover’s Whitley headquarters.

Ian Harnett commented: “Jaguar Land Rover has seen its business grow significantly in recent years and it is great to see our suppliers growing to support us, particularly one which has had such a long association with our great British motoring brands.”

Tamworth-based aluminium pressure diecasting specialists JVM Castings first supplied the pulley castings for the Rover P4 in 1963; today the firm supply diecastings for the complete range of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Wayne Murcott, Joint Managing Director at JVM, said: “Our long association with Jaguar Land Rover has enabled JVM to grow from a business employing 20 people in 1963 to one that employs more than 450 today.

“We have progressed from making a simple pulley casting in 1963, to manufacturing complex structural parts such as the F Type B Pillar which won the International Diecasting Award in 2013”.
The B pillar was designed in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover and has helped to reduce the Jaguar F-Type’s cost of assembly and carbon footprint (manufacturing footprint or vehicle footprint), and manufacture a casting that gives greater ductility and mechanical properties than conventional high pressure aluminium alloys.

Wayne added: “We are continually evolving our processes and methods. Innovation is a key factor in remaining competitive in the Automotive market, and we are working with Jaguar Land Rover and universities, which include Birmingham and Brunel, to research new materials which will dramatically reduce costs for automotive and aerospace companies and enable them to bring manufacturing back to the UK from overseas.”

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