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As the UK’s leading aluminium die casting specialist, it is our responsibility to innovate through research and development. Continued innovation ensures our customers, our industry and the environment all benefit from the latest developments in die casting.

At JVM Castings we feel it is important to lead this innovation through internal and external collaborative research projects. Partnering with our contractors, suppliers and leading UK universities allows the full manufacturing supply chain to benefit. Our current and past projects include:

  • Research into the use of A20X®, a new Aluminium Alloy developed by Aeromet, within high pressure diecasting (Partners include JVM, Jaguar Land Rover, Aeromet International, LSM Aluminium and Birmingham University)
  • Improving the supply chain through recycling aluminium into structural casting alloys (Partners include Brunel University)
  • Improving the mechanical properties of LM24, by melt conditioning (Partner Brunel University)
  • Improving defect prediction through the correlation of simulated versus actual defects (partner Birmingham University)
  • Supporting the development of a new primary alloy for structural components (Partner Warwick and Brunel Universities)
  • Utilising recycled material in the manufacture of primary material (internal project)

Each of these projects are aimed at exploring materials and methods that will help create lighter weight, stronger, more cost effective products with a reduced carbon footprint.


Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover challenged our designers to create a single casting to replace a complex assembly of 2 castings, pressings, extrusions, self-pierce rivets and fixings.

Our team were able to meet the challenge and a single casting was designed through multiple Magmasoft simulations and simultaneous engineering, culminating in a casting that reduced the total assembly weight by more than 50%. This new lean design helped the F-Type achieve its low carbon footprint.

This innovative casting design led JVM Castings to win the prestigious NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) International Diecasting Award for innovation.