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At JVM Castings we not only harness the skills and expertise of our own employees but actively collaborate with the UK’s leading universities and research bodies, as well as our own contractors and suppliers.

We see this collaboration as an essential element of the research and development needed by the UK manufacturing industry to ensure we develop new materials and techniques that not only enhance our die casting performance, but aid the growth of our sector.

Our current research projects include:

Research into the use of A20X®, a new Aluminium Alloy developed by Aeromet, within high pressure die casting (Partners include JVM, Jaguar Land Rover, Aeromet International, LSM Aluminium and Birmingham University)
Together with our partners, in conjunction with the TSB, we are researching a potential casting methodology to allow A20X® to be used in high pressure diecast products. As the strongest commercially available cast aluminium alloy, the benefits in reduced weight and cost will help to ensure our manufacturing sector remains competitive in a global market.

Improving the supply chain through recycling aluminium into structural casting alloys (Partners include Jaguar Land Rover, Brunel University, Innoval Technology Ltd and Norton Aluminium Ltd)
This project explores the potential of creating an alloy from pure recycled content that will reduce waste, cost of production and the carbon footprint of manufacturers. These structural aluminium alloy die castings are an essential part of Low Carbon Vehicles ensuring this research aids the wider UK environment and economy as well as the manufacturing sector.

For more information on our research projects, or to partner with us on a future project, please email or call 01827 64096.